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  • Best Funeral Homes in Northern Territory

    Best Funeral Homes in Northern Territory

    The Northern Territory is a very isolated place. Take out Darwin and you have only one hundred thousand people in a place bigger than the entire country of South Africa. The Territory is very sparse and the funeral market does reflect this. It's no surprise at all, when you consider how few people actually live there, that there are so few… Read More »
  • Best Funeral Homes in Western Australia

    Best Funeral Homes in Western Australia

    Western Australia, or WA for short is the second biggest region in the entire world. Second only to a very large Russian republic (who knows, it might come up in a quiz) called the Sakha Republic, the place causes logistics headaches from the very outset.  While it is well served by its capital, Perth, it can be a challenge to accomplish things in… Read More »
  • Best Funeral Homes in Victoria

    Best Funeral Homes in Victoria

    Victoria is one of Australia's smallest states, but in terms of population it is relatively large. The state is only second to New South Wales in terms of population, and its capital, Melbourne, is only second to Sydney in terms of the biggest city in the country. While this all sounds impressive it needs to be noted that most of… Read More »
  • Best Funeral Homes in South Australia

    Best Funeral Homes in South Australia

    For most people South Australia is just Adelaide. What do we mean by this? Well take a look at how many people live in South Australia but don't live in Adelaide. Believe it or not South Australia only has one city in the 45 biggest cities in Australia. This has a lot of knock on impacts when it comes to… Read More »
  • Best Funeral Homes in Tasmania

    Best Funeral Homes in Tasmania

    Tasmania is the smallest state in more ways than one. It has the smallest land area of all the states (remember ACT and Northern Territory are Territories, not states). Additionally it has the smallest population of all the states. With this in mind we shouldn't expect too much when it comes to variety in the funeral home market. While this… Read More »


Funeral Suggestion Guide

  • A guide to writing eulogies

    A guide to writing eulogies

    Eulogies can be sprung upon people very close to ceremonies or even at the ceremony itself. While it’s not ideal and while it doesn’t happen frequently, it does happen. This guide is for both those who have been given a little time to prepare and for those who have had little or no time. For those who are minutes or… Read More »
  • A guide to writing obituaries

    A guide to writing obituaries

    Writing obituaries (or indeed eulogies) can feel like a huge task. Most times they are written by people who are suffering in the immediate aftermath of a loss. This can make the whole situation highly trying and without some recent experience in writing, the task can bring stress to the writer. This said the amount required to be written is… Read More »
  • What to do with the body – Open casket and closed casket

    What to do with the body – Open casket and closed casket

    For many an open casket ceremony (where you can actually see the deceased person) can be highly distressing at first. Even before the ceremony as the information comes to hand the distress can overwhelm, especially where the departed person was a close loved one or someone with whom you had a very meaningful relationship with. For many the lead up… Read More »
  • The guide to Funerals

    The guide to Funerals

    Here at FuneralSuggestions we are aware that their are many different ways of approaching death and managing the ceremonies that follow. Below are just some examples of the main elements involved in the process as a whole. Please feel free to add your own contributions if you feel they could help in the comments below. [do_widget id=text-6] Finding out your… Read More »
  • Post funeral gatherings

    Post funeral gatherings

    After all is said and done and the last goodbyes are complete all that is left to do is meet with friends and family and discuss thoughts and memories at a post funeral reception or gathering. This step is important for most, if not everyone as it can help the grieving process by having the closest to the deceased surrounded… Read More »
  • Military, police or firefighter funeral traditions

    Military, police or firefighter funeral traditions

    Military, Police or Firefighter ceremonies can carry with them special traditions and special customs which may be requested by the deceased. Obviously these type of ceremonies are only for people who either served or those for whom a very special exception is made. Exceptions are not common however as the rites and customs can involve a large number of personnel… Read More »
  • Memorial services and anniversaries

    Memorial services and anniversaries

    For some memorial services and anniversaries are an integral part of the grieving process. For most their will be no formal arrangement for the process however some religions do include services for anniversaries at specific time intervals. For most however the grieving process is done with limited religious involvement. For this reason most of those who do choose to conduct… Read More »
  • Deathbed alternatives

    Deathbed alternatives

    Our society has many differing rituals and beliefs when it comes to death. For many the final days will be spent getting our affairs in order and for some that will include some form of religious element. While it’s important for religious people to remember the rituals and rites of their faith before passing it should be noted that the… Read More »
  • Sikh funeral ceremonies

    Sikh funeral ceremonies

    Like many other eastern religions the Sikhs have a strong belief in the afterlife. As with Buddhists the Sikh religion believes that the reincarnation cycle flows and flows until a oneness with God occurs. In terms of the ceremonies and funerals themselves an important theme is the resignation to the will of the creator and the accepting of death as… Read More »
  • Quaker funeral ceremonies

    Quaker funeral ceremonies

    The first thing to note about Quakers is that they do not have one single concept on what happens after death. Like with most Quaker traditions and principles the funeral follows what the congregation refer to as a “meeting”. For outsiders it must be noted that the Quaker tradition, which does vary somewhat from region to region, is amongst the… Read More »
  • Protestant funeral ceremonies

    Protestant funeral ceremonies

    The word Protestant, which dates back to Lutheran times, can actually be perceived as a slur and an insult to some who hold post reformation beliefs. In reality there is no single faith which readily identifies itself as Protestant. In almost all cases post reformation faiths have their own names and their churches and groupings have their own traditions and… Read More »
  • Presbyterian funeral ceremonies

    Presbyterian funeral ceremonies

    A key thing to remember about Presbyterianism, like many churches and faiths alike, is that they can differ on what would otherwise be considered very core tenants. While most Presbyterians believe that deeds on earth will decide the destination of heaven or hell there can be some differing views in this area. Like with many churches participants can take their… Read More »
  • Muslim funeral ceremonies

    Muslim funeral ceremonies

    For many religions burial, death and the ceremonies that come with that are relaxed and flexible and for many they are relatively strict. For many Muslims death ceremonies and rituals are indeed relatively strict and for the two main sides of the faith (Shi’a and Sunni) time is of the essence. While some aspects of the ceremony are strict there… Read More »
  • Methodist funeral ceremonies

    Methodist funeral ceremonies

    As yet another faith in the post-Lutheran tradition Methodist is known by many as a denomination commonly grouped with Protestantism. Like many other Christian faiths the tradition sees life as a gift and predicts a day when their prophet, Jesus Christ returns to earth in order resurrect the dead (bring the dead back to life). As a relatively new faith… Read More »
  • Lutheran funeral ceremonies

    Lutheran funeral ceremonies

    As with many Christian and indeed post-Lutheran (faiths established after the splintering of Martin Luther from the Catholic Christian church) traditions Lutherans believe that people convert into souls after their body dies. Additionally most Lutherans believe that this soul then goes on to either one of two destinations from this point forward. Those who have abided by the churches rules… Read More »
  • Jewish funeral ceremonies

    Jewish funeral ceremonies

    Judaism is a very old religion, pre-dating Christianity and countless more others the faith has a variety of different, and at times conflicting sects. Depending on the strand of Judaism the deceased belonged to the ceremony will carry many different customs, traditions and the level of strictness on many different areas will vary. Overall the ceremony will, like with many… Read More »
  • Humanist/Atheist or Secular/Non-Religious funeral ceremonies

    Humanist/Atheist or Secular/Non-Religious funeral ceremonies

    For the less religious the past 30 years in many countries has been a revelation in the rise of non religious ceremonies. Prior to this period Humanist, Secular and Atheist ceremonies were largely unheard of and in some cases even considered slightly suspicious. This however has changed and today Humanist or Non-Religious ceremonies are becoming more and more popular with… Read More »
  • Hindu funeral ceremonies

    Hindu funeral ceremonies

    For many adherents Hinduism is “the oldest religion in the world”. As such the faith, and its respective sects, traditions and local varieties, have gone through many re-births and changes. With this one would expect wide variety of traditions, possibly at conflict with each other, however this is not generally the case. For the most part Hinduism ceremonies can be… Read More »
  • Episcopalian funeral ceremonies

    Episcopalian funeral ceremonies

    While many group the Episcopalian church with Anglicanism we here at FuneralSuggestions believe that that avoids telling what is a very interesting and compelling story. While much of the church derives from the Anglican tradition it’s interesting to think that for many followers it’s described as “Protestant yet Catholic”. Whats equally interesting is that the church mainly came about due… Read More »
  • Catholic funeral ceremonies

    Catholic funeral ceremonies

    For many Catholics the standard funeral feels like a deeply traditional affair with deep seated and unchanged roots. While most of the rituals are ridged and go back a long time it should be noted that within the many local, national and stratified versions of the faith there's quite a high level of difference. Indeed even within some areas there… Read More »
  • Buddhist funeral ceremonies

    Buddhist funeral ceremonies

    In many respects Buddhist ceremonies are actually relatively relaxed and while traditional they can be open to a great deal of input from the family and friends. Yes, in many ways they are visually very different to most other funerals or services however the principles and the flexible way they are approached make the services relatively easy for a non-believer… Read More »
  • Baptist funeral ceremonies

    Baptist funeral ceremonies

    Like most Christians Baptists follow relatively similar teachings as most of the other faiths who hold Jesus Christ, a figure who lived just over 2000 years ago, as their saviour. Also like most Christians they hold a slightly different view on the process after life has left the human body. While others may focus on deeds, actions and characteristics, Baptists… Read More »
  • Bahá’í funeral ceremonies

    Bahá’í funeral ceremonies

    The Bahá'í faith is one which originated in 19th century Persia (modern day Iran) and espouses the importance of seeing all humans and humanity as spiritually united. In terms of funerals and funeral ceremonies the basic composition is very simple and according to reference libraries and most followers in the area it is intended that it remain this way. This… Read More »
  • Anglican funeral ceremonies

    Anglican funeral ceremonies

    As with most Christian faiths Anglicanism focuses on the prospect of an afterlife which includes heaven. In the Christian faith heaven is not a place but a state of unity with God. While some Anglicans have a belief in the idea of a purgatory where a “cleansing fire” will clean misdeeds before deliverance or entrance into heaven this is not… Read More »

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