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The Australian capital territory is a small place by Australian standards. It is in fact the smallest state or territory on the Australian mainland. This fact lends itself to a unique situation when it comes to funeral providers. While there are very few funeral homes there is a good deal of choice and complaints around the existing providers is relatively low. The low number of providers can also be explained by the fact that there are relatively few in the population over the age of 65 (less than thirteen percent on 2013 figures). Considering the population density of the territory and the city of Canberra, it’s no surprise that there are relativly few funeral homes per head.

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Competition for the best funeral home in Australian Capital Territory

Competition is low in Canberra and surrounding areas. In addition to this there are only a small number of separate firms which own or have business relationships with the existing homes. This can cause problems with pricing, variety and the capacity to cover the market but as we say complaints are relatively low.

Other considerations

Canberra has an unusual weather make up but it is relatively uniform in terms of the variance throught the territory. Yes so areas are mountainous areas, and yes some areas can see snow, but the most important figure for outdoor ceremonies is the figure for the number of rain days. In this respect there are around 75 rain days in the capital territory. This is not a prohibitive figure however the Federal Capital can see very cold winters and these conditions should be considered when it comes to outdoor events. In terms of ceremony rituals; the territory is one of the least religious so non religious ceremonies are common and can outnumber the religious ones.

Final thoughts

There are many industries where there is not a large number of providers. This should not automatically be thought to be a bad thing. In many occasions there can be a small number of providers who offer a large range and thus negate the need for outside players. This appears to be the case in the ACT with the small pool of funeral homes successfully covering what is a relatively diverse group of people. It may also be worth noting that the transient nature of the city may be the reason for the small pool, because after all people are most likely to be buried in the place they grew up.

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