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New South Wales is a big place. With colonial and indigenous history that goes back further than anywhere else in Australia it’s no wonder that funeral traditions are well bedded in. With a large area the state has metropolitan, regional and remote areas. While the metro areas are well resourced in terms of funeral homes and funeral services the same cannot be said of the remote and regional areas. As would be expected, regional and remote areas face the usual challenges with relation to ease of access and variety of choice. While these issues do cause problems in the lesser populated areas they can be and are overcome by some of the better service providers.

New South Wales capital Sydney

Competition in New South Wales

Competition in New South Wales is relatively intense. The state contains Sydney, the most populated city in Australia. With an ageing population (over 17% of the population is over 65) it’s no wonder that businesses are relatively cutting edge and have real variety and choice in metro and some regional areas. While remote areas are less well served it has to be said that they too have a large amount of over 65’s so efforts are being made by many players in the state to overcome the difficulties created by the large distances.

Other considerations

When it comes to NSW the state has some of its own attributes. In terms of capacity to plan for outdoor or partly outdoor ceremonies the big figure, the number of rain days per year, varies. From as high as 100 days per year in Coffs Harbour, 75 for Sydney and a large number of other coastal areas and 50 and below for more inland areas. The other consideration to take into account is that New South Wales has a relatively religious population by Australian standards. This means a higher probability of religious ceremonies than most other states. While this is not always the case it is common for funeral directors to cater to religious ceremonies.

Final thoughts

New South Wales is a big place and Sydney, its biggest city, is a very multicultural place. The variety of ceremonies available is high in many areas, and while distance can be problematic many service providers will travel for a premium. Of all the states and territories NSW is likely to be the one with the most choice. With so many ethnicities and religious groups the state has providers to cover almost any combination or permutation you can think of. Like in many areas finding the providers can prove a challenge with some only operating by word of mouth or using non digital marketing.

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