Best Funeral Homes in Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is a very isolated place. Take out Darwin and you have only one hundred thousand people in a place bigger than the entire country of South Africa. The Territory is very sparse and the funeral market does reflect this. It’s no surprise at all, when you consider how few people actually live there, that there are so few funeral homes, even per head of population. Distances are so extreme and this is not helped by the fact that the Territories capital is not a particularly populous place.

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Competition for the best funeral home in Northern Territory

There are not a lot of funeral homes in the Northern Territory. While it is true that there is a limited amount of choice is true that competition between the existing homes is enough to offer a a solid service to locals. Getting good service in the remote areas can be a real challenge however with real limitations on service. Small towns will normally be served by funeral providers from bigger towns so keep in mind that this may mean additional costs.

Other considerations

The Northern Territory is a pretty young place. By Australian standards it’s fairly unique in the sense that it has no regions where over 65’s make up more than 13% of the population. This does explain why the Northern Territory has so few funeral homes even when we consider the numbers per head of population. In terms of weather the territory has relatively few rain days with the most being experience in Darwin with around 75 per year. As expected this number falls the further you travel inland. Alice Springs only has around 20-30 rain days a year. This means that outdoor components to the ceremonies are unlikely to cause problems.

Final thoughts

You have to forgive the territory for its lack of funeral services. In truth the place is a tropical paradise which offers all the security and consistency of Australia with all the amazing weather and scenery of a holiday destination. Funeral services are limited, variety is in short supply and most providers are not set up for the more unorthodox ceremonies. Be this as it may the Northern Territory does have some very good people in its funeral industry and most will at least try and accommodate the more unusual ceremonies.

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