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Queensland is big, very big. It’s second only to Western Australia as the biggest state in Australia. It’s almost exclusively tropical and has many local and multicultural traditions which stretch back all the way to the original settlement of the area. In an odd quirk the state has 11 of the countries 30 biggest cities. This is unusual when you consider that there are 7 states and territories. It’s especially unusual when you also note that Queensland isn’t even the most populated state, it’s only third. What’s behind this is the relatively densely populated coastline with a large number of cities sitting right on the coast.

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Competition for the best funeral home in Queensland

Competition in Queensland is a tale of two regional sets. The first, the metro areas, has high competition with a number of players attempting to gain their own foothold. Yes, the state is not as diverse as New South Wales, so availability of niche ceremonies and niche customs is a challenge is smaller cities. The second region set, the regional and remote communities, can face challenges.  Access and variety can be tricky with many towns only having one or even no standing funeral home. While some providers will travel, it’s likely that they will ask for a cost premium for this additional service.

Other considerations

Queensland, like most Australian states, has an ageing population. While this is indeed the case it varies in an unusual way. In the north there is a relatively young population with less than 13 percent of people over the age of 65. This can in some cases have an impact on variety and access to services. In terms of ceremonies there is some good news in terms of having some sections of the ceremony outdoors. Most of the state sees less than 50 days of rain, however areas around Brisbane (100 days), Mackay (75 days) and Cairns (100-125 days) can see significant variations from this. In terms of traditions Queenslanders are a mixed bunch with a mix of religious and non religious ceremonies.

Final thoughts

Queensland is a beautiful tropical paradise which is an amazing place to call home. While this is true for so many it can be a little volatile in terms of weather, and this can put a damper on many types of funeral ceremonies. Like many places in Australia funeral planners and funeral homes are open to many different ceremony types. All in all the state has a normal mix of nationwide players and independent outlets.

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