Best Funeral Homes in South Australia

For most people South Australia is just Adelaide. What do we mean by this? Well take a look at how many people live in South Australia but don’t live in Adelaide. Believe it or not South Australia only has one city in the 45 biggest cities in Australia. This has a lot of knock on impacts when it comes to funeral home availability. The divide between regional South Australia and metro South Australia is possibly the most stark in Australia. This does mean limited access to funeral services in some regional and remote areas. As unfortunate as this seems it is difficult to justify having a ongoing funeral service in an area with such small demand for one.

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Competition for the best funeral home in South Australia

In terms of competition South Australia has it’s own unique signature. The regional areas have very few residents over the age of 65 (just 13-15%). This means an almost non existent funeral services market outside the states capital of Adelaide. On the other side, the south east of the state has a reasonable population density and also has a large number of regions with over 17% of the population over the age of 65.  The competition in this area is relatively intense however finding providers who offer niche or uncommon ceremonies or services may be a little challenging.

Other considerations

Adelaide is one of the driest cities in Australia. The city gets between 50-75 days of rain per year so this does leave the door open for outdoor orientated ceremonies being incorporated into funerals. It should also be noted that the state is not particularly religious so it’s likely that non religious ceremonies are common and well catered for.

Final thoughts

South Australia, in terms of funeral homes, pretty much stops just outside of Adelaide. Within the city and suburbs their is the usual selection of funeral homes however there is a limited number of niche services. This type of situation is common among the smaller, more remote cities like this in Australia. Cities with mainly high percentage of people with British/Irish heritage will usually struggle with the more exotic ceremonies. This can be frustrating however most funeral homes will at least try to accommodate specific customs, so never be afraid to ask.

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