Best Funeral Homes in Tasmania

Tasmania is the smallest state in more ways than one. It has the smallest land area of all the states (remember ACT and Northern Territory are Territories, not states). Additionally it has the smallest population of all the states. With this in mind we shouldn’t expect too much when it comes to variety in the funeral home market. While this is true to some extent it is, at the same time true that Tasmania has some very well equipped funeral service providers.

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Competition for the best funeral home in Tasmania

Considering the small population you would be forgiven for assuming that Tasmania would not get the full ten top rating funeral homes. Well you would assume wrong. The small island state does indeed punch above its weight when it comes to service availability. In fact the island boasts more than just the standard 10, with a few more which have not yet gotten into the top ten. Yes there may not be as much variety or as much choice as is on offer in some of the bigger states, but given the size involved some allowances need to be made.

Other considerations

Tasmania is a wet place by Australian standards. It’s probably the wettest part of the entire country. Some parts have over 175 days of rain per year but at the same time some areas to the east can expect as few as 50 days of rain per year. These facts need to be remembered when it comes to planning the outdoor elements of a ceremony. Another important aspect of the Tasmanian market is that there is a sizeable percentage of people over the age of 65. Over 17% of the population is over 65 and this does mean a relatively well prepared market.

Final thoughts

Tasmania is a place where a number of interesting funeral related facts come together. The place has an ageing population and doesn’t have a particularly high transient population. This leads to a lot of funerals but without a particularly large level of diversity it does mean that the range of services may be limited in many parts of the island. In any case providers will, like in most other places, endeavour to offer as wide a range of services as they possibly can. So don’t be afraid to ask, even when the service or custom involved is lesser known.

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