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Victoria is one of Australia’s smallest states, but in terms of population it is relatively large. The state is only second to New South Wales in terms of population, and its capital, Melbourne, is only second to Sydney in terms of the biggest city in the country. While this all sounds impressive it needs to be noted that most of the population lives in, or close to, Melbourne. This gives the state the usual mix of two funeral markets. The first market is the metro market, which is well served and the regional/remote regions market which can have a number of challenges attached.

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Competition for the best funeral home in Victoria

Victoria, and Melbourne particularly, has a long multicultural history. The state has a large number of funeral customs, traditions and religious groups. This mix usually works well with those looking for the service benefitting from large selections of options, both conventional and unorthodox. The same, however, cannot be said of the more regional/remote areas. These out of the way areas can cause frustration for funeral home owners and those seeking the service. The issue of distance will cause issues when it comes to availability but it will also cause problems when it comes to variety of service.

Other considerations

Victoria can be very wet. Of all the states it only comes second to Tasmania in terms of the number of rain days. Melbourne sees a lot of rain, varying from 75 to 125 days depending on the suburb. The unique geography of the city (with a large bay) creates a large variance, and as such attention to detail is all important when it comes to the right place to hold the funeral ceremony, especially if you would like to have part of the ceremony outdoors.

Final thoughts

Choosing the best of the best when it comes to funeral homes can be a challenge. Sometimes you are limited to what providers are available in your area, additionally sometimes the best can be very busy and unwilling to travel. When we talk about the best funeral homes we are obviously not exclusively talking about the homes themselves. We are in fact talking about the staff and the services the business behind the home can offer. In Victoria this fact is important especially as many providers will travel and will serve regional areas. Those seeking funeral services should keep this in mind, and shouldn’t make assumptions about providers without talking to them directly.

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