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Western Australia, or WA for short is the second biggest region in the entire world. Second only to a very large Russian republic (who knows, it might come up in a quiz) called the Sakha Republic, the place causes logistics headaches from the very outset.  While it is well served by its capital, Perth, it can be a challenge to accomplish things in the regional or remote regions. While modern communications has nullified many of the inconveniences, there are some physical inconveniences which may need a little more effort in more regional areas. 

Western Australia

Competition for the best funeral home in Western Australia

Perth is a very large city. In population terms it has almost 2 million inhabitants, however it’s the area of the city that we are referring to. The city runs for over one hundred miles from outlying suburbs from the north to the south. What’s most interesting is that the state has less funeral homes than neighbouring South Australia. This could be a result of the fact that such a low percentage of the state is above the age of 65. Metropolitan Perth is relatively young with only one region (south metro Perth) with over 17% above the age of 65. The rest of the state has a lot of younger people, with most areas containing less than 13% of people over the age of 65.

Other considerations

Perth has an average of around 75 rain days per year. This is not a lot, especially when you think that the majority of these days are in the winter month. Perth and many places in Western Australia are fantastic places to hold ceremonies, any ceremonies. The weather makes it fairly easy to incorporate outdoor components to funeral ceremonies. The only slight variation on this, is the slightly higher number of rain days when you drive south of the capital, to places like Denmark and Albany which do have more rain. Non religious ceremonies are also popular in the state which has fairly high levels of non religious people.

Final thoughts

Many Western Australians are proud of their states remoteness. Frequently the states capital, Perth, is referred to as one of the worlds most remote cities. While this sounds like it would pose challenges to the funeral market, the city is well served. There can be a few challenges posed by the fact that, comparatively speaking, the city comes predominantly from a British/Irish ancestry with slightly less diversity than many major eastern cities. Even with the challenges mentioned most Western Australian funeral services are accommodating and will work with you on.

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