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Protestant funeral ceremonies

protestant funerals and what to expect

The word Protestant, which dates back to Lutheran times, can actually be perceived as a slur and an insult to some who hold post reformation beliefs. In reality there is no single faith which readily identifies itself as Protestant. In

Presbyterian funeral ceremonies No rating results yet

presbyterian funerals and what to expect

A key thing to remember about Presbyterianism, like many churches and faiths alike, is that they can differ on what would otherwise be considered very core tenants. While most Presbyterians believe that deeds on earth will decide the destination of

Muslim funeral ceremonies No rating results yet

muslim funerals and what to expect

For many religions burial, death and the ceremonies that come with that are relaxed and flexible and for many they are relatively strict. For many Muslims death ceremonies and rituals are indeed relatively strict and for the two main sides

Methodist funeral ceremonies

methodist funerals and what to expect

As yet another faith in the post-Lutheran tradition Methodist is known by many as a denomination commonly grouped with Protestantism. Like many other Christian faiths the tradition sees life as a gift and predicts a day when their prophet, Jesus

Lutheran funeral ceremonies

lutheran funerals and what to expect

As with many Christian and indeed post-Lutheran (faiths established after the splintering of Martin Luther from the Catholic Christian church) traditions Lutherans believe that people convert into souls after their body dies. Additionally most Lutherans believe that this soul then

Jewish funeral ceremonies

jewish funerals and what to expect

Judaism is a very old religion, pre-dating Christianity and countless more others the faith has a variety of different, and at times conflicting sects. Depending on the strand of Judaism the deceased belonged to the ceremony will carry many different

Humanist/Atheist or Secular/Non-Religious funeral ceremonies

non-religious funerals and what to expect

For the less religious the past 30 years in many countries has been a revelation in the rise of non religious ceremonies. Prior to this period Humanist, Secular and Atheist ceremonies were largely unheard of and in some cases even

Hindu funeral ceremonies

hindu funerals and what to expect

For many adherents Hinduism is “the oldest religion in the world”. As such the faith, and its respective sects, traditions and local varieties, have gone through many re-births and changes. With this one would expect wide variety of traditions, possibly

Episcopalian funeral ceremonies

episcopalian funerals and what to expect

While many group the Episcopalian church with Anglicanism we here at FuneralSuggestions believe that that avoids telling what is a very interesting and compelling story. While much of the church derives from the Anglican tradition it’s interesting to think that

Catholic funeral ceremonies

catholic funerals and what to expect

For many Catholics the standard funeral feels like a deeply traditional affair with deep seated and unchanged roots. While most of the rituals are ridged and go back a long time it should be noted that within the many local,

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