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Coping with a case where the deceased was someone you did not get along with

Coping with funerals when you didn't like the person

In many ways we here at FuneralSuggestions think that this article may be one our least popular. While it’s common for many to look into managing grief, planning funerals and finding new ideas for their own ceremony it’s relatively rare

Coping with loss Son or Daughter/young person

dealing with the loss of a son or daugher

Losing a son or daughter is devastating. The pain involved has an almost physical dimension to it. Down through the years and through every creed, race and community in both human and animal society it has a special sadness to

Coping with loss of a Father or Mother

coping with the loss of a mother or father

Coping with the loss of a mother or father or even a mother or father figure is a very big challenge in most peoples lives. For many the news may come as a surprise and the grief that follows can

Coping with loss elderly relative or friend

coping with the loss of an elderly friend or relative

Everyone knows they have to go. For most it’s a sad thought which they don’t wish to consider in much depth but equally some would be happy if they get “a good innings” and live to a ripe old age.

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