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Thinking of venues – funeral ceremonies at the person’s place of work

funerals at a persons work or their work campus

For some their workplace is a place they hold very dear to their own sense of identity. For some it may be that this place represents their lifes work and their proudest achievement. It’s key to remember that we are

Thinking of venues – funeral ceremonies at a club or society

funeral ceremonies at a club or society

Some of us characterise our lives by the hobbies, activities and causes we pursue. For that reason some, albeit very few, choose to locate their ceremony in the building or headquarters of a club or society they belong to. Like

A guide to walk about tributes

Guide to walkabout tributes

When we consider the multitude of options available to us when considering a ceremony for ourselves and our friends and relatives we can really see what will work well relatively quickly. One unorthodox suggestion may be a walk where mourners

Transporting human remains over long distances

moving dead bodies home

Moving bodies over large distances can be a real difficulty. It can involve a lot of rules and regulations and long flights with layovers can cause difficulties especially if more than one airline or transport company is involved. Prices can

Thinking of venues – funeral ceremonies in the open air

outdoor funerals guide

The most important thing to remember about the open air, in any location, is that it is very unpredictable. Some of the main elements of the normal funeral timeline (dressing the body, bringing the body to the home, transport to

Thinking of venues – funeral ceremonies in a restaurant

funerals in a restaurant customs

For many people the night before a funeral is the right time for a large collective visit to a favourite restaurant. The laid back yet generally convivial atmosphere they offer can be just the thing to take the most upset

Thinking of venues – funeral ceremonies In a special place for the person

funeral ceremonies at a special location for the person

Their are times when a person will demand something unusual in their final ceremonies. Some may find it unpalatable, others may find it unorthodox but in a modern day context, personal choice with funerals is all important. Choosing where you

Thinking of venues – funeral ceremony in a funeral home

funeral ceremony in a funeral home

Funeral homes are very unique places. Their sole purpose is to manage and facilitate funerals and funeral ceremonies. With this in mind they really are usually the most experienced when it comes to offering help at a difficult time. Can

Thinking of venues – funeral ceremony in a bar

funeral ceremony in a bar guide

For many a licensed venue may seem an odd, possibly even a sacrilegious place to conduct a funeral. Yes, it’s unorthodox, and yes some considerations do need to be taken into account with the coffin itself, but why not. Take

Thinking of venues – funeral ceremonies at home No rating results yet

funeral ceremonies at home or family home

For many of us home is the most important location in our lives. For many it’s more important than any other location squarely because it is the place where all or at least most, of their memories were created. The

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