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A guide to writing eulogies

writing dedications or eulogies

Eulogies can be sprung upon people very close to ceremonies or even at the ceremony itself. While it’s not ideal and while it doesn’t happen frequently, it does happen. This guide is for both those who have been given a

A guide to writing obituaries

A guide to writing obituaries

Writing obituaries (or indeed eulogies) can feel like a huge task. Most times they are written by people who are suffering in the immediate aftermath of a loss. This can make the whole situation highly trying and without some recent

A guide to walk about tributes

Guide to walkabout tributes

When we consider the multitude of options available to us when considering a ceremony for ourselves and our friends and relatives we can really see what will work well relatively quickly. One unorthodox suggestion may be a walk where mourners

Military, police or firefighter funeral traditions

military and other service person funeral ceremonies

Military, Police or Firefighter ceremonies can carry with them special traditions and special customs which may be requested by the deceased. Obviously these type of ceremonies are only for people who either served or those for whom a very special

Memorial services and anniversaries

memorial services and funeral anniversaries

For some memorial services and anniversaries are an integral part of the grieving process. For most their will be no formal arrangement for the process however some religions do include services for anniversaries at specific time intervals. For most however

Deathbed alternatives

deathbed ideas and what you can do

Our society has many differing rituals and beliefs when it comes to death. For many the final days will be spent getting our affairs in order and for some that will include some form of religious element. While it’s important

The Funeral Holday No rating results yet

the idea of the funeral holiday

When you take out burial and factor in cremation you realise that their is nothing you can’t do as part of a funeral ceremony. While its not so popular now, if you think about it there’s no reason why a

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