Deathbed alternatives

planning for what to do on your deathbedOur society has many differing rituals and beliefs when it comes to death. For many the final days will be spent getting our affairs in order and for some that will include some form of religious element. While it’s important for religious people to remember the rituals and rites of their faith before passing it should be noted that the faiths rarely attempt to monopolise the last chapter of a persons life. With this in mind everyone should consider what they would like to feel or experience in their last moments.

Last Food

In most cases this is unlikely to be an element of a persons last moments as digestion or consumption becomes very difficult in the last moments. In some cases however this can be achieved and people can have their favourite food on hand, at least in the last few days before the end comes.

Last Drink

This may be a little more realistic for most people in the final moments. For some they may still have some key faculties operating and may even be capable of taste and smell. For these people perhaps they have a favourite tipple that they can consume before the end comes.

Last visual experience (photos/film etc.)

Like food and drink some may still be in control of some key faculties before the end. For those capable of seeing and hearing perhaps they want to be reminded of their most favourite memories, their favourite film or even just seeing the stars or the last time? If this sounds like you then get planning and tell those around you what you would like to experience before the end.

Friends and family last visits

For anyone of any faith or none at all this is ordinarily the most important element of all. Friends and family accompanying the bedside is for most the crucial element. Since the evolution of humans we have practiced this however that doesn’t mean you don’t need to plan for it. Bear in mind those from far away and even consider using technology (like skype [the link is to an article on how to set it up]) to bring those unable to attend to the bedside.

People can die in many, many ways. Some will be given a timeline and will slowly deteriorate over time before the end comes. Others will die suddenly and unexpectedly and some will be given a timeline but won’t deteriorate significantly until immediately before death. These are just a few examples but they give an impression of what may be expected and how to plan. For some planning will take thoughts away from the end while for others it’s the exact opposite. Whatever your own preference don’t forget to have those most important to you there when you take your last breath.

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