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walkabout in rememberance

When we consider the multitude of options available to us when considering a ceremony for ourselves and our friends and relatives we can really see what will work well relatively quickly. One unorthodox suggestion may be a walk where mourners (weather permitting) are given a tour of the significant elements of a persons life while trekking, walking or otherwise journeying through. This can offer some solace to those most closely impacted by the loss by touching upon real world memories that can evoke significance to the smallest things. This type of experience can be one of the most life affirming of all the options and if done well it can leave mourners fulfilled in a meaningful way.

What’s involved

The main elements of any remembrance walk are sights and tokens of the life the deceased lived. If he or she loved to walk by the seaside then you should try and find out what it was that he or she found so good that it kept bringing them back for more. It’s also nice to include some notes or comments about landmarks and what they meant in the life of the deceased. Feel free to break off from the walk if their was an activity or place of interest that was of significance which can be integrated into the activity.

What are some tips and suggestions

Try to remember who is coming on the walk or trek with you. If its a relatively large crew you’ll need to consider different fitness levels. It’s never a bad idea to have one person on call to pick up walkers by car if either they can’t continue or even if the emotional burden has become too heavy. If at all possible (remember littering laws may get in the way here) try to leave special tokens/symbols/notes along the way just before setting out. This can bring the memories to life and can help the remembrance. Whatever happens remember to plan the day around the weather. This is especially important when the walk is also being used to spread the deceased persons ashes.

How to wrap it up

Like with any funeral based event the idea of a post walk reception is always an option. People coming together to discuss and console each other is a fantastic way to end the day and can help the grieving process. This can be done at home or anywhere that allows the service of food and drink.

Final thoughts

A walk and a nice meal or drink afterwards is a great way to reflect on any matter. Being surrounded by friends and families in the way mentioned can help people come to terms with what was important to the deceased and, in a way, what’s important in life in general. What’s unique about the walkabout is that it is designed to be life affirming and uplifting. Hopefully it will help you with your loss.

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