Memorial services and anniversaries

funeral anniversaries

For some memorial services and anniversaries are an integral part of the grieving process. For most their will be no formal arrangement for the process however some religions do include services for anniversaries at specific time intervals. For most however the grieving process is done with limited religious involvement. For this reason most of those who do choose to conduct memorials or anniversaries should not feel boxed in by any specific rituals or religious obligations. If however your religion does have specific rituals surrounding the ceremonies these can aide in the grieving process as some people do prefer having a template to operate off.

Planning and preparing

Preparation for an anniversary can be a difficult and challenging experience. The entire process can be fraught with reminders of the deceased person and at times they can send the person planning them into new grief spirals. That said they can also assist in the grieving process by helping individuals overcome their sadness by arranging ceremonies and being around people. It can also help those who find the loss difficult to avoid being alone at anniversaries which may trigger backwards steps.

Non-religious ceremonies

These, like most non religious elements, can be done anytime, anyplace with or without a plan. They represent a blank canvas where those attending can bring their own ideas or play off the ideas and template or plan of one main organiser. Some may like the ceremony to be a simple dinner or lunch while others may like a bigger more long standing gathering. If you are interested in planning your own memorials tell someone close to you.

Religious ceremonies

Religious ceremonies can be a little more strict as some religions have relatively tight templates which are chosen by those celebrating anniversaries or memorials. Consult with the local religious person or organiser to get a good insight into what’s involved. Depending on rituals, both local and specific to the religion, organisers can be either conservative or liberal when it comes to interpreting the usual customs. In the end if you do choose to have a religious element you may not necessarily need to have a religious person involved, it all depends on the wishes of the deceased and the wishes of the family.

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