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When you take out burial and factor in cremation you realise that their is nothing you can’t do as part of a funeral ceremony. While its not so popular now, if you think about it there’s no reason why a funeral like ceremony couldn’t be taken on the road. Considering how popular the idea of wedding holidays is why not make your funeral ceremony into a holiday? When you think of the huge amount of pristine beautiful outback Australia has to offer it’s a wonder that funerals have not yet turned into camping trips or excursions to national parks. Sure, you may need to get permission on scattering of ashes (some places consider ashes sterile and do not require permission) but all in all it could be just the therapy friends and family need to reconcile themselves with the loss.

What’s involved in a funeral holiday?

Going somewhere that holds special significance to the deceased is something that some would consider appropriate if the right group was involved. Like any holiday the idea requires quite a bit of planning and depending on where you’re going some equipment may be needed (this is especially true of camping). In terms of the logistics for the body this can be a challenge as almost nowhere will allow burial. For cremated remains however this is not as much of a difficulty.

What are some tips and suggestions for a funeral holiday?

Considering that some may perceive the idea of a funeral holiday as a poor or inappropriate concept it may be a good idea to consult with those whom you wish to partake. This could be either as the person put in charge of the organising of the holiday or as the person who wants their to be a holiday in lieu of or as part of their own funeral. This can be difficult if some either don’t like the idea from the outset or change their mind in the middle. Funeral holidays, like all holidays, work best with a tight knit group where everyone is confident of the success.

How to conduct the holiday

This all depends on what is being proposed for the holiday and if the deceased person wants ashes spread or some other similar ceremony. Remember that funeral holidays are a new concept so you can make your own rules however some degree of predictability is nice and having even a loose timetable can let everyone get the most from the time away as well as saying one last goodbye.

Final thoughts

While for many the idea of a funeral holiday may sound counter intuitive it could be a very life affirming experience. For some celebrating a loved ones life can mean a lot, especially when you’re surrounded by friends and family. The idea can be part of or the main event within the normal or even alternative funeral ceremonies. Like with anything to do with funerals it’s best to consult widely and get a real feel for what will or will not work.

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