Thinking of venues – funeral ceremonies at a club or society

clubhouse funerals

Some of us characterise our lives by the hobbies, activities and causes we pursue. For that reason some, albeit very few, choose to locate their ceremony in the building or headquarters of a club or society they belong to. Like with many situations like this you will need to check with the owners/managers of the organisation to ensure that the idea is acceptable. Once you get past this you realise that by planning the ceremony in the clubhouse you may be contributing, either by renting a room or by laying on refreshments for guests, to the longevity of the club or society.

Can I embalm/bury or cremate/spread ashes in a club or society?

Embalming, burial and cremation is pretty much off the table in most clubs or societies so in reality the best prospect you have in terms of leaving your remains there lies with the spreading of ashes. Like anywhere it is best to ask the person or persons who runs the society for their permission, however if the area is outdoor and relatively large and the ashes are fine and similar to sand you shouldn’t have a problem.

Can I conduct the viewing or visitation in a club or society?

This is again up to the people who own and run the club or society. If the deceased is a lifelong or founder member of the society some special treatment may be afforded. Clubs and societies are ordinarily not a common place for a viewing or visitation so the people involved may need some convincing. The best advice here would be to keep the event in a closed room away from others.

Can I conduct the religious/civil service of a funeral in a club or society?

Some religions will entertain this idea especially if they do not have a specific requirement to conduct funeral or religious services in a specific place. Like with any scenario with religious ceremonies you should consult with the person you expect to conduct the ceremony and ask for their advice. Many religious people will be flexible especially with clubs or societies which are not particularly controversial or divisive.

Can I have a post funeral reception in a club or society?

Like with any post funeral get together it should be noted that you can have the gathering basically anywhere. WIth no body to treat or awkward viewing or visitation questions there really is no problems whatsoever about booking a club or society for your post funeral reception. Just make sure you book in time.

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