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funeral at home

For many of us home is the most important location in our lives. For many it’s more important than any other location squarely because it is the place where all or at least most, of their memories were created. The home, as a location with significance in a funeral scenario carries even more relevance when you or the person who has died lived there for a long time. All in all many people consider the home a sacred place because it is their own patch of land and something that they can live, and die in.

Can I embalm/bury or cremate/spread ashes at home?

In some cultures treating the body can be done at home. This is especially prevalent in cases where the only treatment the body will receive will be that it is to be washed. In more intrusive treatments cases (like embalming) the most common thing is to allow those in the funeral home to take the body for it to be embalmed in the embalming professionals place of work. While embalming is not always done, when it is done it is usually out of the home. Burial and cremations are not normally done at home (rules are very strict) however it may be possible to spread ashes at home.

Can I conduct the viewing or visitation at home?

Viewings and visitations are common at home. While they can be done in churches, funeral homes and other places the home remains a very popular place to view the body.It can be done with or without the assistance of a funeral home or funeral directors. Work needs to be done to actually get the casket or whatever it is that will be holding the body to the location. This is a relatively minor task once you have the vehicles necessary. Embalming is also highly recommended for hygiene reasons.

Can I conduct the religious/civil service of a funeral be conducted at home?

Some religions do not allow this however some do and even more are opening up to alternative arrangements when it comes to funerals. In the end the decisions of whether to officiate or not is usually up to the local authority figures within the religious organisation. If they don’t have a problem with it and it doesn’t upset their international partner organisations then you can have the funeral service at home. In reality the only question relating to non-religious ceremonies at home is the homes capacity. Can the home reasonably accommodate a large crowd?

Can I have a post funeral reception at home?

It’s very common to have a post funeral receptions in the home. Like any social gathering at home you don’t need any kind of approval for the event from your religion (unless it’s a very strict religion) and you just need to make the usual arrangements for having people over. Capacity again needs to be taken into account however once you’re happy with this you are free to go ahead.

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