Thinking of venues – funeral ceremonies at the person’s place of work

workplace funeral

For some their workplace is a place they hold very dear to their own sense of identity. For some it may be that this place represents their lifes work and their proudest achievement. It’s key to remember that we are not exclusively talking about office environments. These places can be gardens, fields, construction sites or even company campuses. While it may sound strange to some, the workplace is a very powerful element in many peoples lives and can be their choice for funeral ceremonies.

Can I embalm/bury or cremate/spread ashes at a place of work?

Like most of these articles on locations for funerals and funeral ceremonies its very unlikely that you will be permitted to embalm, bury or cremate a person at their place of work. This applies even if the person worked outside in the open air. Embalming is unlikely to work as finding mobile embalmers is not common. The same goes for cremation and burial for relatively obvious reasons. Spreading ashes is a possibility when the workplace is outdoors and can be an option if the workplace has large grounds.

Can I conduct the viewing or visitation at a place of work?

Like with most viewing or visitations there are little or no restrictions on where a visitation or a viewing can take place. While a visitation in the person’s place of work can sound odd it has to be noted that it is not up to us here at funeralsuggestions to judge. Some may think that their workplace would be the last place they would be after they die however for others who really love their job and what it represents in their lives the attitude may be different. As per usual, you will need to ask the people who own or manage the workplace.

Can I conduct the religious/civil service of a funeral at a place of work?

Like with most venues you will always need to consult the religious person or persons involved. You will need to ask them whether or not they find it acceptable. Some religions will outright refuse to conduct ceremonies outside of their usual places of worship while others will have no problem. Additionally some will be happy to conduct some rituals outside of the church but may be unwilling to conduct others.

Can I have a post funeral reception at a place of work?

As with all post funeral receptions you really have no restrictions whatsoever on where you go. In the case of an actual workplace you will however need to check that they find the idea acceptable and that you will not be getting in the way of a normal work day by holding the post funeral reception at the location.

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