Thinking of venues – funeral ceremonies in a restaurant

funerals in a restaurant

For many people the night before a funeral is the right time for a large collective visit to a favourite restaurant. The laid back yet generally convivial atmosphere they offer can be just the thing to take the most upset persons mind off the pain they feel, even for a few moments, and can help bring family and friends together in honour of the dearly departed. For some however this experience is not just limited to the night before. Some will consider having the eulogies, speeches and remembrances at a restaurant as oppose to a church. While this may seem unorthodox it should be noted that as long as the owner consents a funeral or a commemoration can be held almost anywhere. In this context why limit yourself in your choices of where the events can be held?

The embalming/burial or cremation/spreading of ashes

For obvious reasons almost none of these can be done in or even near a restaurant. Embalming really needs to be done by a professional and really doesn’t work well in terms of a DIY project. Burial also won’t work at a restaurant unless the restaurant is on your own land and you have sought and had permission for the very rare thing that is the home burial. Cremation is another area which would not work at a private restaurant as crematory equipment is very much bespoke for the purpose of human cremation and frankly anything else may actually be illegal. Spreading of ashes may be possible on the restaurant grounds however it may be wise to ask permission from the owner.

Can I conduct the viewing or visitation at a restaurant?

When considering unorthodox locations for funerals you need to consider the sensitivities and the concerns of either owners or those who may feel negatively about the location afterwards. Open casket funerals are usually highly sanitary however the perception may be otherwise and even the presence of a dead body may put some off. A visitation or a closed casket situation may suit better in cases where the person had a specific connection with the location.

Can I conduct the religious/civil service of a funeral at a restaurant?

There are relatively few religions which will allow a religious ceremony to take place in a restaurant as for most special fixtures, arrangements and limitations apply. In non religious cases however, there is no limit to where eulogies, readings or music can be played. This being said some families do have pre-funeral get togethers (usually the night before) before services even in religious cases, at times the religious person will say a prayer for the dead and bless the food.

Can I have a post funeral reception at a restaurant?

For most this is the most appropriate place for a restaurant in the ceremonies that surround a funeral. In most cultures the norm is to conduct an after service/religious service get together where food and drinks are consumed. This, as we have stated in many of our other articles, can help everyone as it helps those stricken with grief surround themselves with friends, family and those who know the deceased person well.

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