Thinking of venues – funeral ceremony in a bar

funeral at a pub or bar

For many a licensed venue may seem an odd, possibly even a sacrilegious place to conduct a funeral. Yes, it’s unorthodox, and yes some considerations do need to be taken into account with the coffin itself, but why not. Take the example of Jimmy Lehr. Ok, yes he did work at the bar, which makes things a little different, but the principle is there, why limit your choices to either home or church or a few others? Some bar owners may be skittish about the idea but for the most part the concept is relatively normal and perfectly hygienic as long as some precautions (embalming) are taken.

Can I embalm/bury or cremate/spread ashes in a bar?

Like the example with the restaurant, a bar is not an appropriate place for any of these elements of a funeral. First off, embalming shouldn’t be done by those inexperienced in the craft. While burial wouldn’t be completely written off as in some rare instances you can bury someone on private property if certain (very strict) conditions are met. Cremation on the other hand is almost completely off limits in a bar due to the need for specialist equipment.

Can I conduct the viewing or visitation in a bar?

This can and has been done in bars where the deceased has a close relationship with the bar in question. Some may think it unusual however as long as common sense comes into play it’s no different to having a viewing or visitation at home or even in a funeral home. Some may find the break from the norm a little distressing however we here at Funeral Suggestions think that funerals will be a very changed game in the years and decades to come.

Can I conduct the religious/civil service of a funeral in a bar?

It’s relatively rare that you’ll find a religious group or even an authority figure within a religion willing to officiate a funeral at a bar or a place where alcohol is the centrepiece. Like with most alternative venues there may be people willing to carry out the ceremonies however these are usually non religious celebrants who are relatively flexible to the demands and requirements of the deceased and his or her family.

Can I have a post funeral reception at a bar?

Many of us in FuneralSuggestions have experienced post funeral receptions in bars and pubs. Depending on the family tradition and the local customs these places can be very popular for both ceremonies and get togethers before and after any service. In most cases the post funeral reception does not have a religious angle so it’s setting in a bar or pub is not likely to upset any rituals.

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